Intern Life in Germany

Life in Germany is very diverse. There is a rich cultural scene and offering for all ages and interests. The different regions of Germany are easy to get to and all worth a visit. Daily life is safe, well organized and easy to navigate even for foreigners without prior knowledge of the country.
The most pressing question prior to an internship in Germany is surely the one of costs involved. Here the distinction has to be made according to place of residence. Cities are generally more expensive than rural areas and cities such as Munich are more expensive then e.g. Berlin. Based on the different costs one can get quite a good picture of the total cost involved:

Travel cost
Travel cost (traveling to and from Germany by plane, train or car) are generally to be paid for by the applicant. In some cases the employer will cover part of the cost, but that will be decided on a case by case basis.

Cost of living
These include housing, board, daily commute to and from work with e.g. public transport and communication (e.g. pre-paid mobile phone cards or internet connection). In some cases the employer supports the intern in flat hunting or might even cover the housing cost in part or full. In order to get additional contact to locals beyond the internship, host families can be an interesting option to find an affordable place to stay and become integrated into a German family. Sites such as homestaybooking help searching for affordable housing at local host families.

A valid health insurance is the minimum required (proof needed for registration at the foreigners' registration office) for a stay in Germany. Additionally, accident insurance for non-work accidents (work accidents are covered by the employer's insurance) can be obtained from your home country or in Germany.

Financial support
Financial support and scholarships for foreign student interns are available in certain cases, for example from the DAAD. We are happy to advise in specific cases.

Further Information
There are a large number of helpful sources on living in Germany, below is a short excerpt:
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