Internships in Germany

Germany is known as the country of engineers and large multinational companies such as Daimler, BASF or SAP. However, there are also a large number of smaller and lesser known businesses that are leading in their specific area and also work internationally. Especially for these international activities they are constantly looking for support from foreign employees and interns in order to support their efforts to e.g. adapt products and services to new local markets. For interns this opens a wide array of learning opportunities. In general, local language skills are an advantage but there is also an increasing number of positions where students can work and learn in an English speaking environment or even use their native language.

Searching for an internship position from abroad can be challenging. To help with this, services such as rocketinternships help foreign students to find their dream internship in Germany.

Study related internships in Germany can be paid or unpaid. The company generally provides a supervisor and mentor who will support the intern in work-related as well as day-to-day questions and can also support during the preparation process prior to the internship. After completing the internship a certificate is issued (stating duration, area of work, tasks performed, etc.) which can be used in a CV for later applications.