Host Companies for Internships in Germany

In case you have already found a candidate for your internship position, then we can help you to secure a German internship work permit for non-EU-residents as well as for nationals from Bulgaria and Romania. We are a specialized HR consultancy, familiar with all necessary procedures required by the German authorities. Many years of experience ensure that you and your interns will be steered through the process fast and efficiently. We coordinate the entire application process without you having to worry about bulky paperwork or bureaucratic barriers.


In case you haven't found the right talent for your internship openings yet, we will also be able to assist you with the intern recruitment from abroad. Based on your needs we will be able to send you pre-screened video applications of suitable candidates with the needed educational background from all around the world. International interns are often able to contribute hugely to their local German host companies, for example by bringing with them detailed market knowledge from their home countries and their native language skills. 


Particularly in small and medium businesses international students cannot only learn about the daily office life in Germany but also contribute with their skills to specific internship projects in Germany. Our host company clients employ e.g. interns from the USA, Canada, Asia and South America for localization and market research projects.

Working together with interns from abroad can also have a positive impact on their co-workers in your company. Foreign cultures and different approaches to problem solving will enable your permanent employees to develop new views on their day-to-day work processes. Your staff will be more motivated, more creative and most important more productive. If you have a need for interns from abroad, please sign up any time on our recruiting partner site