German Employment Agency Admission Criteria

The approval for a student intern work permit from the German employment agency (i.e. its branch responsible for job placements, the ZAV) is guided by the principle to offer the foreign intern the opportunity to develop and extend his study-related skills and knowledge during his internship. Due to this, a structured and detailed trainings program and schedule are paid special atttention to in the approval process. We support the host company in developing such a trainings program in accordance with the applicable approval guidelines and the company's requirements.

In addtion to the trainings program the following documents have to be submitted to the ZAV:

  1. Application form
  2. Original university enrollment certificate (no photocopies or scanned documents allowed)
  3. A copy of the student's passport
  4. A third party guarantee covering living expenses in Germany (required only for low or unpaid internships)
  5. Information on the host company
When using our success-fee based service for handling the application process with the ZAV we will additionally need a power of attorney from the host company (to be provided as orignial, no photocopy or scanned document allowed). Due to years of experience in cooperating with the ZAV in work permit applications for foreign students in Germany we are able to handle the approval process quickly and performance based.
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