German Work Permit Application Process

In order to apply for a work permit for a foreign student to perform a student internship in Germany, both intern and host company have to gather a large number of documents and information. For some of the required documents originals have to be provided and the entire application has to comply with certain prerequisites for approval. In case the authorities or institutions in the student's home country do not provide documents in German or English language, additional certified translations are required. Additionally the forms provided by the German employment office (ZAV) need to be filled and filed according to their guidelines.

The application process can become quite lengthy and complex especially as parties across different continents, time zones and languages are involved in the communication between intern, company, institutions and authorities. Uncertainty about the approvability of proposed training programs and schedules and the respective communication can add to the time required to obtain a work permit. Especially in small and medium businesses without a large and dedicated HR department the application process for a student intern work permit can consume more valuable time and resources than necessary. What often adds to the challenge is that work permits often need to be obtain on very short notice prior to the start date of a new intern.

Due to the aforementioned reasons businesses mandate us with the entire handling of the application process. Based on many years of experience in the placement of foreign interns and coordination of work permits we can offer a comprehensive service that ensures successful, timely and efficient handling of the application. Additionally the host company will only be charged in case of a successful and timely issuing of the requested work permit. We're happy to provide further information.