Work Permit Application Processing - Service & Pricing is a service of skillandtalent GmbH based in Berlin. Our services are mainly aimed at businesses offering internships to foreign students but it can equally be used by foreign universities or student interns themselves. The following services are offered free of charge and with no obligation:

  • Preliminary assessment of chances of success for a proposed work permit application
  • Candidate search and placement of foreign interns based on your specifications
  • Support in searching for host family accomodation in Germany for the foreign student intern

Our service is entirely result driven and no fees will be charged for a rejected application. Our service offering of handling work permit applications for study related student internships of foreign students in Germany with the respective local authorities (ZAV) include the following:

  • Consultation on suitable training programs and schedules for study related student internships
  • Design of approvable training schedules based on input from the host company
  • Filling of the required forms on behalf of the local host company and the foreign intern
  • Compiling of the entire documents required for the application
  • Submitting of the application for consent from the authorities (ZAV) for the proposed internship (i.e. the work permit)
  • Ensuring a timely processing of the application by the local authorities
  • End-to-end documentation of the application process for the local host company in Germany

Fully success and case-based lump sum rate per application/ intern:           490,- Euro excl. VAT

Full year flat rate for outsourcing of entire internship coordination and handling:     upon request

We're available for a free and no-obligation consultation, please get in contact here.