J-1 Visa Service USA

J-1 Program Fees for Interns and Trainees
An application can only be processed once the program fees have been paid in full.

Standard Program Fees
Program Lengths (Months)         1            2            3          4             5             6            7             8           9           10           11           12
Program Fee in Euro                700€     775€      850€     925€     1000€     1075€    1150€    1225€    1300€     1375€      1450€     1525€
Extended length (for trainees only)
Program Length (Months)          13            14           15          16            17         18 
Program Fee in Euro               1575€      1625€     1675€    1725€     1775€    1825€
Program fees cover the following:
`     J-1 Visa sponsorship application processing
`     Issuance and shipping of DS-2019 Form and acceptance packet
`     Accident & Sickness Insurance for entire program and 30-day grace period at end of program
`     24-hour emergency support for duration of program
Additional  Program-Related  Fees
All candidates issued a DS-2019 Form must also pay the following fees:
SEVIS Fee                                             US$ 180  to be paid to the Department of Homeland Security
Embassy/Consulate Application Fee     US$ 160  to be paid to the Embassy/Consulate

Miscellaneous Fees
Host Company Site Visit Fee                                                                  US$ 250 to be paid by employer
(see employer application to see whether a site visist is required)
Issuance of DS2019 for J-2 Visa
Dependent Spouse or Child of J-1 Applicant                                          500€ for first dependend and 150€ for any additional dependent
Dependent Accident & Sickness Insurance                                               60€ per month and dependent
Insurance for Early Arrival (up to 30 days before program start)              50€

Refund Policy
Once a DS-2019 Form is issued, refund requests will only be processed once the original DS-2019 Form has been returned to Visaboard. The following cancellations fees apply while the remainder of the program fees will be refunded to the participant.
Rejected application                                                                                200€
Cancellation prior to issuance of DS-2019                                              200€
Cancellation after issuance of DS-2019 (prior to receiving a visa)          350€
Visa denial                                                                                               200€
Cancellation after receiving visa (prior to arrival in U.S.)            100% of Program Fee minus 30€/month of total program length
Early departure from the U.S                                                      100% of Program Fee minus 30€/month
                                                                                                    per number of months remaining on the program after departure
Cancellation of dependent after issuance of DS-2019               100€/each dependent who cancels
(prior to receiving a visa)  
Cancellation for dependent after receiving J-2 Visa                   100% of dependent Program Fee  minus 45€/month
                                                                                                   per number of months remaining on the program after cancellation